Top 10 Pandemics in the History

Top 10 Pandemics in the History

As the world is suffered from an pandemics named as Covid 19, their has been 764866 confirmed positive cases and 36,864 death has been reported till now. But this is not the first pandemics disease that has been faced by humanity. Here we are again with the list of Top 10 pandemics that has been […]

Top 10 Food to Boost Immune System against Coronavirus

Top 10 Food to Boost Immune System against Coronavirus

As the entire world is in the state of fear due to the serious out break of Covid-19 the famous Coronavirus, which is the cause of so many deaths in the entire world.  As suggested by almost every nation that social distancing is the only way to keep yourself safe from Coronavirus but boosting your […]


TOP 10 – Symptoms and Prevention of Coronavirus

Coronavirus Affecting the respiratory tracts of birds and mammals and even humans is the major attack of the coronavirus. Coronavirus generally associate with common cold, bronchitis, pneumonia, and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). These viruses are typically responsible for common cough and colds except any serious diseases. However, coronaviruses are can be lead to major […]



  Vitamins are the essential micro nutrients needed to be consume in small quantity to sustain life. Here is the list of Top 10 source of Vitamin A. All the vitamins are source of carbon that make the organic compound. These vitamins cannot be synthesized in our body either at all or not in required […]


Top 10 List of Best Protein Source Available in India

Protein is the essential nutrient required to the body to build muscles and sustain life. It is one of the macro nutrient other than carbohydrates and fat. The main Protein source are meat, poultry, soya, peas and beans. Each gram of protein contains four unit of calories. Protein helps to build the muscle blocks and […]