Top 10 Five Star Hotels in Delhi 2022

Whenever anybody thinks of the best travel destination in India then the picture of Delhi in his or her mind because it can be an attractive travel destination for both business and leisure travelers. That is why there are a number of five star hotels present in Delhi. Most opted people choose these five star hotels in Delhi for the excellent services and V.I.P treatment provided by them. In these five star five star hotels you will get all the elements present in your room which will provide the feeling of luxury and comfort. In this article we have tried to provide you with a list of top 10 five star hotels in Delhi where you can stay to get the feel of luxury and comfort.

Top 10 five star hotels in Delhi

Five Star Hotels in Delhi


If you want to experience the feel of real luxuryness in Delhi then Taj Hotel Palace can be a great choice for you. There are around 402 luxury rooms present in this hotel for guests. In order to fulfill the requirements of guests, hotel rooms are classified into many categories such as Garden Suite, Grand luxury Suite, Luxury Suite, Taj Club Exclusive Suite and Taj Club Rooms.


The most preferred five star hotel present at Delhi is The Hilton (Janaklpuri) which contains around 228 rooms. For providing the guests complete satisfaction of standard living all rooms present in this hotel are well furnished and loaded with all modern facilities. Additionally for meeting the guests personal preferences the rooms of this hotel are classified as Executive Rooms, Twin Hilton Guest Room, King Hilton Guest Room, King Hilton Suite Room. There are also several more features in this hotel such as an in-house restaurant for providing more convenience to the customers.


If we try to make the list of top 5 hotels present in Delhi then the list will be incomplete without giving the name of Hayatt Regency into it. For meeting the customers all requirements this hotel has 517 rooms. This hotel also contains many restaurants inside it.


The Grand Hotel Delhi is known for providing the best accommodation to its customers. This hotel contains more than 380 rooms. The rooms are classified into some categories such as Business Suites, Grand Club Rooms, Grand Premium Rooms, Deluxe Suites, Presidential Suites and Serviced Apartments. Rooms of this hotel are particularly famous for world class services and facilities.


The Lodhi which was earlier known as Aman Hotel. This hotel is well known for providing excellent services to its guests who are eager to experience the feel of luxury living. This hotel contains 39 rooms and suites including private plunge pools and 28 deluxe suites with one to three bedroom configurations according to the preference of the guests. In this hotel the rooms are classified as Aman Suites, Aman rooms, Lodhi Pool Suites and Lodhi Suites.


Hotel Siddharth is one of the top raped hotel present in Delhi. There are 94 rooms in this hotel which are further classified into 2 Suites, 24 Club Royal Rooms and 68 Deluxe rooms. This classification is particularly done for meeting the personal preference of the guests. There are some on-site restaurants featured in this Hotel.


There are 261 rooms present in Radisson Hotel for the accommodation of the guests which are categorized further into several categories such as Executive Suites, Deluxe Suites, Business Class Rooms, Premium Rooms and Superior Rooms. All the rooms present in this hotel are well furnished and fully loaded with modern facilities. This hotel also contains on-site restaurants for serving delicious food to guests. In addition this hotel also has a bar called ‘Savannah Bar’ in which a good collection of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks is present.


Ashoka Hotel is also one the most leading names in the field of hotel industry. In this hotel there are more than 550 plus rooms present for the accommodation of guests. The rooms of this hotel are classified further into categories like 10 Deluxe Suites, 60 executive suites, 40 double suites and a presidential suite for meeting all the requirements of the guests.


Oberoi Hotel is a popular choice among the business and amidst leisure travelers. In this hotel 287 rooms are present which are classified into Kohinoor Suite, Duplex Suite, Deluxe Room, Luxury Room, Luxury, Luxury Suite, Premiere Room, Suite Deluxe, Suite and Executive Suite.

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Intercontinental Eros is completely eligible for mentioning its name in the list of top 10 five star hotels in delhi. This hotel is very beautiful from both inside and outside. It  is also praised by many visitors for interiors and architecture. This hotel contains 224 rooms, which are divided into 15 luxurious suites and exclusive Club InterContinental rooms. All the rooms of this hotel are designed for fulfilling the guests expectations. There are also many in-house restaurants in these hotels.