Top 10 Surprising Apps That Pay You Real Money

If you’re a housewife, a college student, or an individual looking for a passive income source, then this article is for you. In this post, we’ve prepared a list of 10 surprising apps that reward you for simple tasks like watching videos online or filling out surveys. We are here to make your money earning journey super easy and fun.

These apps do not require any specialized knowledge or prior investment. Check them out today if you want to earn money online:

EasyCash App


You can simply make Rs. 1000-2000 every day using the EasyCash app.

  • Just fill out online surveys and do other simple tasks.
  • You also receive a welcome bonus for downloading the app!
  • Encourage your friends and family to join the app with your unique referral code and enjoy amazing bonuses and offers.
  • The EasyCash app is simple to use and allows you to earn quick cashback and bonuses.
  • You can also quickly withdraw your rewards to your Paytm wallet.

EasyCash App is an excellent way to boost your income significantly.

App Name Easy Cash – Real Money Earning App
Ratings 4.2
Installs 1M+
Download App Download EasyCash


Reward Supreme

app Money2

Boost your earning potential with Reward Supreme, an excellent app that accelerates the money-making process.

  • Complete online surveys, download apps, watch movies, and suggest the app to your friends and family to win bonuses and rewards.
  • Reward Supreme allows easy transfer into your e wallets within minutes.

Overall, the app offers a variety of money-making opportunities, allowing you to supplement your income and experiment with new ways to make money.

App Name Reward Supreme – Cash Recharge App
Ratings 4.2
Installs 1M+
Download App Download Reward Supreme


app Money2

With the simple-to-use CashKing app, you can earn money from the comfort of your own home. To win amazing prizes:

  1. Participate in daily tasks
  2. Fill surveys,
  3. Refer the app to your friends and family

The app provides a seamless experience with an easy-to-use UI and solid customer support .

With this app, you can make hassle-free withdrawals to your Paytm wallet in seconds.

Download CashKing from the Google Play Store right away and instantly increase your earnings.

App Name Cashking – Real Money Earning App
Ratings 4.3
Installs 500K+
Download App Download CashKing


app Money2

You can earn between Rs.500 and Rs.1000 each day using the CashRoll app.

  • By investing a few hours on easy tasks, you can boost your revenues.
  • Utilize the app’s referral program to earn extra money by introducing friends and acquaintances to join.
  • With its quick and simple withdrawals, CashRoll is an excellent way to supplement your income while making the most of your free time.
  • You can even select your favorite withdrawal option, like Paytm wallet, PhonePe, and so on.


App Name CashRoll – Money Earning App
Ratings 4.2
Installs 10K+
Download App Download CashRoll


app Money2

The Cashwin app allows you to explore a world of easy income options.

Perks of Cashwin-

  • Install the app from the Google Play Store and start earning money immediately.
  • Transfer your wallet earnings to Paytm or other e-wallets whenever you like.
  • Cashwin offers a variety of earning opportunities, including a referral programme that rewards you for referring friends and family.
  • You can earn daily bonuses and significantly raise your income by completing simple tasks and surveys.
App name Cashwin
Ratings 2.8
Downloads 50K+
Install app Download Cashwin


app Money2

With SimpleCash, you can discover a world of endless earning potential. It is a great app to increase your income.

You receive coins after completion of tasks. These coins can be exchanged for real money.

Type of tasks you’re required to do:

  1. Install apps
  2. Watch videos online
  3. Earn money by referring others.
  4. To obtain more coins, complete more and more tasks daily.

You can make quick withdrawals into your preferred e-wallet whenever you wish.

SimpleCash offers a fun and interesting way to earn money while having fun with the various earning opportunities available.

App Name Simple Cash
3.9 3.9
Installs 500K+
Download App Download SimpleCash


app Money2

CashRaja is a great app for earning money by completing surveys and similar basic tasks.

With an easy-to-navigate user interface, interesting daily tasks, and amazing rewards, CashRaja ensures a seamless earning experience.

Increase your earnings by introducing the app to your friends and relatives.

CashRaja provides quick and simple ways to earn money, by doing the following tasks:

  • Installing apps
  • Watching videos
  • Daily logins
  • Referring the app to your friends and family

Paytm wallet, PhonePe, Google Pay, and direct bank transactions are some of the options for withdrawal.

CashRaja entertains you while also providing a quick way to earn money.

App Name CashRaja – Cash Earning App
Ratings 3.5
Installs 50K+
Download App Download CashRaja


app Money2

Fatafatcash is a remarkable money-making app that allows you to play games with real money at stake.

  • It ensures a pleasant experience throughout with its sophisticated user interface and l customer service that is available all the time.
  • Since there are no withdrawal or deposit limits, you can earn money rapidly and regularly.
  • Profits can be raised by recommending friends and family to the app.

The app is well-liked for its quick payments and straightforward withdrawals, making it an excellent choice for those trying to make money quickly.

App Name Fatafat Cash – Wallet Cash Earning App
Ratings 4.1
Installs 500K+
Download App Download Fatafat Cash


app Money2

Cashoji is one of the most popular apps for instantly making money.

  • You get rewarded handsomely for accomplishing simple tasks.
  • As soon as you sign up, you can earn up to 200 as a welcome bonus.
  • Increase your earnings by recommending friends to the app. You receive 20 for each successful referral you make.
  • Completing “Instant Cash Tasks” will allow you to earn extra money and you can conveniently deposit SimpleCash Wallet Money to your Paytm account whenever you wish.

Cashoji offers a variety of simple yet entertaining tasks that allow you to transform your leisure time into a cash opportunity.

App Name Cashoji – Real Money Earning App
Ratings 4.2
Installs 1M+
Download App Download Cashoji


CashBuddy is a smartphone app that allows you to win incredible prizes by downloading and using other applications, completing surveys, and inviting people to join.

  • You can easily exchange your points for real money and transfer it to your Paytm or bank account.
  • Profits can be increased by referring friends and relatives to join this wonderful app.
  • CashBuddy is a fantastic app for significantly increasing your income.

Download these premium money earning apps today and start earning easy online. The best thing about these apps is that you don’t require any additional skill or investments for earning. Just take out a small fraction of time from your day and enjoy earning!

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