Top 10 Electric Bicycles in India 2024

A motorized bicycle equipped with an integrated electric motor that aids in propulsion is known as an electric bicycle. Although there are many different types of e-bikes available globally, they may be divided into two main groups: those that add throttle and incorporate moped-like capabilities and those that help the rider’s pedal force. Many e-bikes fall under the umbrella of bicycles rather than mopeds or motorbikes, depending on local regulations. Due to this, they are free from stricter regulations governing the registration and use of more potent two-wheelers, which are sometimes categorized as electric motorbikes, such as those requiring licenses and necessary safety gear. E-bikes may alternatively be classified differently and governed by separate electric bicycle legislation.

Electric Bicycles

1. One Speed Electric Bike with 250W BLDC Motor, CULTSPORT Hermit in Black

The cult sport electric cycle has a strong 36V/250 Watt EU-certified BLDC motor that can propel the E cycle to a peak speed of 25 kph when the throttle is depressed. The 32 Nm rated torque and 38 Nm maximum torque of the TRU E Bike Motor are available. High-quality double-disc brakes are installed on the front and rear wheels to provide rapid and steady braking. You can drive securely in hazardous conditions, such as a crowded market, thanks to the disc brakes.

The bike has robust double-walled alloy rims, front and rear reflectors, and 27.5-inch Ralson nylon wide tyres, all of which contribute to safe, pleasant riding and a significant performance advantage on the road.

An appealing grip and a saddle that is easily adjusted provide a comfortable ride.

2. Front Shimano Gears Dual Disc Brakes EMotorad TRex+ Electric Bicycle Motor

With more than enough power for your daily commute or a ride up a mountain, this well-constructed e-bike is fitted with a 250W 36V High-Speed Brushless Electric Motor. You can go quickly and easily thanks to the vehicle’s peak speed of 25 KM/HR and plenty of torque. HIGH-PERFORMANCE COMPONENTS to increase riding comfort and keep you safe – – LIFETIME WARRANTY on a strong and lightweight aluminum 6061 frame – Rims with an extra layer of toughness thanks to the aluminium alloy LED Light and incorporated HORN Wheel: 27.5 Inches x 2.0 Inches High-quality front suspension fork DUAL DISC brake system The ideal traction and grip for all-terrain purposes is provided by nylon MTB tyres.

3. City hybrid electric bicycle HERO LECTRO C6E 700C

Stability and control are ensured by the sturdy and agile 6061 Alloy frame, Anti Skid Pedals, Dual Discs, and 7-speed gears. It is the most cost-effective commute option for everyone at 7 paise per km and zero carbon output. Smart LED Display with 4 Riding Modes: Throttle (at 25 km/h), Pedalec (up to 90% electric assist), Cruise (at 6 km/h, battery-powered), and Pedal mode. You may select the riding mode with a smart LED controller based on how comfortable it is for you. Lithium Ion integrated battery with a 5.8 Ah capacity, IP67 approved. Best-in-class water and dust resistance with a two-year guarantee.

4. Electric bicycle in the TechNolt model.

Internal Wiring Light and Horn Available, IP66 certified display that shows the battery charge level

Battery indication is provided with the key lock.

Everyone at TechNolt works around the clock to transform short-distance travel and mobility in India so that everyone has the opportunity to live a healthier and more environmentally friendly life. Our aim is to produce products that are both visually beautiful and useful.

5. TRIAD E1 Pro Pedelec Electric Bike for Men

On an AL Tech 6061 Alloy Frame, the Triad E1 Pro is constructed. It is suitable for riding on both smooth and rugged terrain since the frame geometry is comfort-oriented. A strong, waterproof, EU-certified Detachable Smart 36v 7.8Ah Lithium-ion battery is included with the Triad E1 Pro. The Triad E1 Pro’s Logan Mechanical Disc Brakes on any terrain will stop you swiftly and safely. DSI 26″ x 2.0″ Tires are mounted on the Triad E1 Pro. The Shimano Tourney 7-Speed rear derailleur and Shimano SIS Trigger shifters on the Triad E1 Pro are both smooth shifting components. You can shift smoothly on the trails thanks to the drivetrain’s absence of latency.

6. Electric bike, model number Matelco Urbano Ei26

Built with a frame of top-quality carbon steel that is both strong and light, along with an LED headlight and horn. simple ride with front suspension Wires that resist water. Detachable Lithium Ion 36 Volt 7.5 Ah With a Year’s Warranty, High Power Battery 28 km/h top speed, 35 km/h running with pedal assist. With simple-to-follow directions, this bike arrives 92% completed, so you can finish assembling it and start riding right away. It is the most intelligent commuting option for you because it is designed for adult riders who are between 5 and 6 feet tall and has a limited lifetime frame guarantee.

7. City hybrid electric bicycle HERO LECTRO C6E 700C

Rear hub motor with high torque and 250W BLDC, adequate for your everyday journey. with a two-year guarantee, robust and silent

accredited to IP67 Lithium Ion battery integrated; capacity: 5.8 Ah. The best in its class for water and dust protection, with a two-year warranty

Smart LED Display with 4 Riding Modes: Cruise (at 6 Km/Hr, battery-powered), Throttle (at 25 Km/Hr), and Pedalec (up to 90% electric aid). You may choose the riding mode with a smart LED controller based on how comfortable it is for you. Stability and control are guaranteed by the 6061 alloy frame’s strength and agility, as well as by the anti-skid pedals, dual discs, and 7-speed gears. The most cost-effective journey for you costs 7 paise per km and emits no carbon.

8. Electric folding bike by Motovolt

Simple to charge. If you have previous urban cycling experience, it is pleasant. Cities are full of loud noises, so the horn or bell is a little feeble. Nonetheless, it is simple to charge. Very prompt customer service. An automated locking mechanism is an option. The rest is fantastic! Thank you Motovolt for enabling the use of the ICE small bike, which has excellent value for money and is lighter and more pleasant to ride.

9. Electric E Cycle Verb

High-Performance Rear Hub Motor, BLDC Motor, 36V, 250W, Designed to Provide More Kilometers Per Volt.

High Torque 35–45 nm for improved pick up.

There are three riding modes—low, medium, and high—for a maximum speed of 25 Kmph.

Best Milage of 30-35 km per charge (traveling on Low/Medium, with driver weight of around 60 kg) on a consistent Plain road, whereas others only provide 30-35 km

ICAT has approved the verb’s type

Branded FAT Nylon tyres, 27.5*2.4, are of the highest quality and durability and are perfect for both smooth and uneven roads.

Advanced BMS supported Li-ion battery 36V 7.5 Ah, providing exceptional propulsion and longer riding comfort, as opposed to competitors that only provide 36V 5.8/6.0 Ah.

10. 20T 7S Folding Electric Cycle Throttle

A battery that can be removed with an ignition locking function. Ebike is 95% complete. Pack of batteries plus charger. Pedals, a saddle with a post, and a metal mudguard. keychain and toolset. Ebike is 95% complete. Pack of batteries plus charger. Pedals, a saddle with a post, and a metal mudguard. keychain and toolset. Power, utilities, and range of the throttle folding cycle 26T7S 12.75Ah are as advertised.

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On a hilly route, the large tyres and strong motor provide excellent help. Purchasing electric cycles from Throttle Motors is something I would advise. A fantastic product.