Top 10 Baby Car Seats in India

1. Luvlap Store 4-in-1 Infant Car Seat

Considering how rapidly babies outgrow things, selecting items with several uses might help you save money and space. Here is a car seat that functions as a carrycot, rocker, feeding chair, and car seat all in one. This car seat can bear up to 13kg of weight and is manufactured for infants ages 0 to 15 months. There are five different colors that are offered.

This baby car seat is among the best in India thanks to its many safety features, and it is also claimed to comply with European Safety Standards.


There are three positions available for the headrest and harness.

side-impact protection for the head

The infant is restrained from the shoulders, waist, and crotch with a five-point safety harness.

one lever for harness and height adjustments

Additional cushioning and plush cushion

Adjustable canopy for sun protection

Car seat that is detachable and washable

2. R for Rabbit Picaboo Car Seat for Infants

Another adaptable car seat that doubles as a carry cot, rocker, and feeding chair is this one. The deep, soft padded side wings keep your kid safe and provide a relaxing ride, and it has a lightweight design for easy portability. This car seat can support up to 13 kg of weight and is made to fit infants between the ages of 0 and 15 months.

Due to its ECE R44/04 certification, this infant car seat can be regarded as baby-safe. You do not need to be alarmed if your child spills food or drinks in the car because the seat cover is washable and detachable. There are four color variations available.


Handles can be placed in one of four locations.

a detachable hood

three-point safety belt

Infant sun protection canopy built-in adjustable safety belt

convenient headrest

3. R for Rabbit Jack & Jill Grand Innovative ECE R44/04 Baby seat

Choose this convertible baby car seat from R for Rabbit if you’re seeking for a seat that will grow with your child. The Jack and Jill Grand Innovative car seat can be adjusted to fit your growing child and grows with them.

Rear-facing newborns between the ages of 0 and 2 years old can use the Group 0 infant car seat as a car seat. It can support weights of up to 10 kg.

Car seats for toddlers in Group 1 can hold children from two to five years old who weigh between 10 and 18 kg when facing forward.

Children can utilise the Group 2 – Child Car Seat in the Front-Facing Position.

4. Trumom Baby Car Seat for Babies

This convertible car seat, which can be used for kids from zero to seven years old, has side impact protection to keep your youngster secure during the ride. This seat can be installed with newborns facing rearward and toddlers and younger children facing forward. The softly cushioned side wings provide comfort and safeguard the spine, neck, and head of your child.

Choose this Trumom car seat if you want a car seat that will grow with your child. With its durable design and washable components, this seat can be a wise one-time purchase.


Three positions from 110 to 145 degrees of reclining

5-point safety belt

suitable for all types of automobile seats

flexible headrest

seat cover that is machine-washable

more padding for a more pleasant ride

Baby Car Seats

5. Luvlap Sports Convertible Infant Car Seat

This car seat is made to provide your child with a secure and comfortable trip and is certified in accordance with European Safety Standards. It can hold up to 13kg and is appropriate for babies and children up to two years old. based on your child’s weight, the seat can be fitted in either a rear-facing or a front-facing position.

This car seat is offered in four different colours and has a fashionable design. This may be one of the best infant car seats in India if you like to travel frequently because it has so many safety features.


Secures your youngster from the shoulders, waist, and crotch with a five-point harness.

three positions for the harness and headrest adjustments

convenience and security, the harness, headrest, and seat all have soft cushioning.

Side-impact defence

for armrests extra comfort

a single lever for adjusting the height

padded seat

6. Mee Mee Baby Car Seat for Infants

This infant car seat is available in 10 different colors and may be used in three different ways. It functions as a rocker, carry cot, and car seat. You can carry your child around easily while securing them in the car seat, whether you’re going to the mall or grocery shopping.

This car seat is made to be secured in the vehicle using the seat belt. Adding to it, it is portable and easy to store.


Foldable and comfortable-to-hold handle

moveable and adjustable canopy

the three-point seatbelt

Maximum comfort provided by an ergonomic seat layout

Head and neck support with padding

two cushions for the seat

Seat cover that is removable and machine-washable

For easy handling, there are four handle positions.

7. Little Pumpkin-Kiddie Kingdom Baby Car Seat

With the Little Pumpkin car seat, you can comfortably transport your infant on lengthy journeys without placing undue strain on your arms. This car seat may be used as a rocker, carry cot, and nursing chair.

One of the best car seats in India, it has an ultra-lightweight construction and is adaptable enough to be used in many positions. It can support up to 13kg and is appropriate for kids between the ages of 0 and 15 months. It comes in brown, beige, black, and gray.


Three-point safety belt

Padded belts for increased comfort close to the shoulders

Handles may be moved into four different places.

Foldable integrated canopy

comfortable, padded seat

washable and removable cover

8. Sunbaby Car Seat Bubble for Infants

Using this carrycot while traveling with your baby can be useful. Additionally, it features a rocking feature so you may rock your infant to sleep. The car seat complies with ECE R44 and R04 safety regulations, and babies should ride rear-facing.

With its sturdy construction and numerous safety features, the Sunbaby car seat will keep your baby secure and pleasant. This car seat’s body is made of a soft, multiple-knit fabric for the baby’s added comfort.


Harness with three points

Head padding and lateral support

Foldable integrated canopy

a comfortable and reliable handling

9. Chicco Cosmos Infant Car Seat

Two variations of the Chicco Cosmos baby seat are available for usage.

Group 0+: This model can support up to 13 kg and is appropriate for infants ages 0 to 3 years. The airbags must be placed with the vehicle seat in a front-facing position.

Group 1: This model can support up to 18 kg and is appropriate for youngsters up to the age of four. Forward-facing installation is required for the seat.

The improved comfort this car seat offers will help your kid unwind or sleep during long vehicle drives and it complies with European safety regulations.


Includes a simple-to-install, coloured belt guide

For greater comfort, recline in all four positions.

For ultimate comfort, use the wide seat and plush upholstery.

5-point safety belt

Along the sides, padding

10. Infanto’s Baby Car Seat

Try this straightforward and lovely car seat from Infanto if you’re looking for a reliable and fashionable car seat for your child. This appealing red car seat is appropriate for kids six to 36 months old.

The car seat has a straightforward design and may be a decent option if you’re on a tight budget.


Most cars’ front or back seats can accommodate it.

Two-point safety belt

flexible seat belts

various seat positions

safety front rail guard

Seat with padding for additional comfort

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